Textile machinery

"SANJET" gas singeing machine

We prepare a demonstration machine of "Gas singeing machine"

SANDO's gas singeing machine "SANJET" is applicable to any type of textiles including natural fibers such as cotton,viscose fibers such as rayon and synthetic fibers. SANJET is compatible with any heat sources such as natural gas, city gas, LPG, and butane gas, and its complete combustion flame uniformly and completely removes fluffs. The automatic burner reverse feature prevents burning textiles while the machine is not in operation.
There is the Gas singeing machine for knitted fabrics (Open and tube)

"PERBLE RANGE" Desizing, scouring, and bleaching range

The best feature of SANDO's starch removal, scouring, and bleaching range "PERBLE RANGE" is that one machine is capable of using both gaseous and liquid treatments. SANDO has achieved high productivity by continuous method and excellent texture of the liquid treatment by implementing the benefits of these two processing methods. The machine is capable of perfect desizing, scouring, and bleaching regardless of the types and thickness of the cloth to be processed.

"HI-SILKY" Mercerizing range

SANDO's mercerizing machine with a clip-type stenter is capable of applying stronger tension on both warps and wefts compared to chainless types. This feature promotes closer to perfect mercerization, resulting in better size stability and drastic improvement in quality of dyeing, as well as excellent luster.
There is the Mercerizing machine for knitted fabrics (Open and tube)

Pad steamer

SANDO's steamer has a triangular roof with special inclination that prevents drains from falling on textiles. Compared to other companies' products with a heater located near the roof, SANDO's steamer is capable of maintaining the internal condition of complete saturation without over-steaming. This feature ensures dyeing uniformity in addition to reduced use of steam.

Heat treatment machine

Its mainly for resin treatment.
Heat-treatment is possible with the heating steam of the ordinary pressure high temperature up to 150C.

Liquid ammonia treatment machine

Liquid ammonia treatment is a vital process for luxurious treatments such as cloths for shirts. This treatment modifies cellulose fibers and improves strength, size stability, elasticity, and W & W quality (Form stability). SANDO's liquid ammonia treatment machine is highly efficient and with excellent performance in collecting liquid ammonia, achieving reduced running cost.

Eco-heat Washer

Eco-heat Washing Machine's detergency went up,because we adopted shower and the dehydration bar which conventional washing machine didn't have. It comes easier to remove pollution, because we set automatic filter. You can use this machine to wash various processing. We succeeded in reduction of 1/3 quantity of water, so please use our Eco-heat washing machine.

SSS washing machines

The washing efficiency of one SSS type washer is equivalent to 2-3 sets of the conventional open type washing machine. It is a space-saving, energy-saving washer.
Increased the number of times of water absorption and drainer to wash effectively from the cloth surface, so detention water was saved, and the operating efficiency of water was improved.

Timing washer

It is a continuous washing machine in which cloth can be washed by beating and pushing at the minimum tension.


We adopt the oil pressure roll to squeeze dye and chemical solution uniformly. It can regulate quantity of medicine adhesion in dye freely. The oil pressure roll has taken the wide span of adjustable range for easy operation. A gap control mechanism is adopted at NIP section, the unevenness of a right-and-left touch is prevented, and even if who operates it, high reproducibility is securable.

"NEO-PERCLER" PVA recovery machine

While PVA is suitable as starch on warps, its high environmental impact and cost have been issues in comparison to conventional starch. SANDO's recovery machine "SS-PERCLER" resolves these two issues simultaneously. Collecting PVA from the waste water in the desizing and hot-water washing cistern has an advantage of drastically reducing the COD demand in the waste water and reducing its environmental impact. It also allows reuse of the recovered PVA.

Automatic filter drum type Automatic filter

The drum type filter can be used for filtering circulating water from the continuous washing machines and eliminating floating particles in the mercerizing machine caustic soda tank, the pickling tank, and other chemical tanks. The filter can eliminate thick floating particles, such as cotton dust containing paste and neps, and maintain the cleaning effect of cleaning water, so that it will save on water consumption as well. The filter also prevents adhesion of dust to the rolls and other processed cloth to prevent problems from happening.