Machinery for producing industrial materials

Dry Heat treatment machine

A new combination and method is necessary for a nonwoven fabric and film-related material now. We install a testing equipment on the occasion of the development of the new product.

Hybrid Washer

We prepare a demonstration machine of "Hybrid washing machine"

SANDO's hybrid washing machine features a high pressure spray dispenser and vacuum for fabrics. Highly efficient cleaning can be materialized by forcibly passing cleaning water through fabrics, while some relaxation effects are obtained as well by using the vibrations from the dispensing and vacuuming of the cleaning water. By adding this machine to your existing facilities or introducing this machine to a new facility, you will effectively save space and consume less water according to your equipment configuration.

Special Washer

It washes the bundled fiber.

Low temperature plasma treatment machine

Plasma discharge is performed in a vacuum and double-sided concurrent processing can be performed by a plane polar plate.
It is available about the processing of shrink-proofing, hydrophilic and dark color formation for fiber and nonwoven fabric, and it is available about the processing of hydrophilic and the adhesive improvement for film.

Corona electrical discharge treatment device

It makes the surface of a work activated and printing nature and adhesiveness improved.