Converting machine

In addition, we will design and manufacture according to your request.
Ex) Coaters(coater and dryer) / Winder, unwind / Development equipment / Test machine / Modification of existing machines / Custom-made equipment

Hybrid Splicing Machine

It can splice film together quickly. The splicing of film may be accomplished by either the butt or the overlap joint. So it is named as hybrid. Line stopping time for the splice is 1 second at the maximum. Compare with conventional butt splicer, stopping time can be shortened sharply. As a result, large accumulator is no need for the device.

Hybrid Film Washing Machine

It can wash the sensitive material such as optical films smoothly without any damage. The water jets out of the device which was installed in a water tank, and film is washed by that vibration effect.


We can manufacture horizontal (Roll Support, Air floating) and vertical types.

Vertical double column type

Material width1,500mm, Speed100m/min/

Heat sources: gas, electricity, heat medium oil, and hot air can be used.

Annealing device

It anneals with a heating roll.


Test coating machine

Clean room

There is the clean room in our company, and the examination of the product is enabled there. Please feel free to contact us.

Hybrid Splicing Machine

Substrate Plastic Film, Paper, Metal foils, etc.
Substrate width 300~500mm
Substrate thickness 10m~200m
Substrate length 10m or more(2)
Core 3 inch, 6 inch

Washing machine for test

Film washing test could be down on the washing machine installed at our cleanroom (class 1,000)

Test Machine Specification
Working width up to 500mm
A winding diameter up to dia. 500mm
Core 3 inch, 6 inch
Tension Max.200N Min.50N
Line length about15m

Anneal device

Installed after the Hybrid washer at our plant, It is available during washing test.

Temperature Max.150C
Timing 3.6m